Economy of Karpathos
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The majority of the Karpathian economy revolves around tourism.  Nearly all aspects of daily life throughout the island contribute and cater to the tourist industry.  Local olive oil supplies are sold in enormous numbers to tourists, as well as locals.  Most restaurants provide dozens of traditional foods as well as American, French, and German specialties.  Hotels cater to populations of most European countries with most employees speaking English, Italian, German, French, and Norwegian. Most of the general population speak in addition to their native tongue, English or Italian. 

Transit to and from the island include ferries and airplanes both a contributing factor to the local economies.  Transit within the island include taxi and bus services to every village for very low cost.  Others include car and motorbike rentals by the day, week, or month.  These types of businesses are an excellent opportunity for those interested in a good financial investment in a location like no other. 

Food services are another major local industry contributing to both the local communities and tourists alike. Historically  because of the large demand for such business due to tourism, all do extremely well, and are never affected by competing businesses.  Everyone makes out.  Bars, pubs, and dance clubs are among the highest grossing businesses on the island.  Expect to turnover your investment in one to two seasons!